By Katie Agness

For more than 15 years, Philip Jalufka, CEO and President of Legacy International Resort Properties, has been focused on developing, implementing and executing sales and marketing strategies for real estate communities throughout the Americas. Recently, Legacy International, which Jalufka co-founded with his wife, Chris, celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Over the past decade, Legacy International has been involved in more than 5,000 real estate transactions with a value of over $2 billion in communities across the Southeastern U.S., Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

“Our single objective is to maximize the return on investment to the developer
through strategic management of the project and product development stages in tandem with sales and marketing process,” Jalufka says. “This is accomplished through consistent systems and process application, and the use of world-class set of strategic partner relationships.”

Prior to starting his own real estate and marketing business, Jalufka served as a special operations aviation officer and operator in the U.S. Army. Jalufka attended the United State Military Academy at West Point, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and political science, before attending Embry Riddle University for his master’s degree in business. Today, Jalufka lives in Austin with his wife and two children.

“Having come from the military, I believe in keeping a process in place and working with what is proven, analyzing the situation and ensuring both strategic and tactical management,” Jalufka says. “Although every client’s needs vary and the communities we work in are in different stages of development, when we are brought in as business partners, our process is proven.”

For Jalufka, implementing a relationship-driven business relationship is a key to his business’ success and growth. “Our Team is Legacy International’s greatest asset, and they know the importance of treating every project and every business relationship as unique and as if it were their own,” he says.

As a business leader, Jalufka says he recognizes that the Team is strongest when working together, which has led the whole company to share in responsibility, accountability and success. “I would never ask anything of any of our Team that I would not do myself,” he says. “Ultimately we have four pillars to our motivated Team: hiring passionate people, providing professional training, organizing a great strategy, and ensuring full accountability.”

While Jalufka is often recognized for his business and leadership achievements, for him, success isn’t all about real estate. “My definition of success is having a great family and strong faith. My wife and two daughters mean everything to me,” he says. “I know that at the heart of each and every decision is a greater power at work. We pray individually and as a Team for each day to be a better step toward our winning journey.”

Through his military and business experience, Jalufka says there is only one thing that allows for greater winning: results. “It is often a lonely road as the leader, so manage expectations properly and find great partnerships,” he says. “Thank you to my wife and business partner, Chris, as well as to the entire Legacy Team.”