By Katie Brown

For more than 30 years, Champions School of Real Estate has been serving Texas REALTORS by providing licensing and continuing education courses taught by nationally recognized instructors. Over the years, the Champions School of Real Estate expanded greatly—both geographically and digitally. 

Currently in Texas, they have brick and mortar schools in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Additionally, to accommodate the busy and demanding schedules of REALTORS, the Champions School of Real Estate began offering online courses in 2004 to all of Texas. Today, they have grown to provide services to thousands of real estate students.

“We offer pre-licensing and continuing education courses for the real estate, loan origination, professional inspection and appraisal fields,” says Cynthia Carter, the Austin campus manager. “Our courses are offered via classroom, correspondence, online and live broadcast.”

Currently, the majority of the online courses are offered online via correspondence. “This program allows the student to download a PDF textbook, read through the material and then go online to complete homework and take exams for each of their courses,” says Curt Knobloch, online manager for the Champions School of Real Estate online department, which oversees the Learning Management System (LMS) that offers courses to students. “In addition, we have just begun offering our Champions LIVE broadcast courses, where the student will log into a live classroom and learn from the teacher teaching the course.” Knobloch adds, “Students participating in the Champions LIVE method enjoy the flexibility of learning from the comfort of their own home or office.”

For those interested in classroom courses, class sizes range for 10-80 students on any given day. “Our courses are taught by industry professionals, many who are nationally recognized for their industry experience and expertise,” Carter says.

With the growing, thriving real estate market in Austin and throughout Texas, Knobloch says that now is a great time to become involved in the real estate industry. Because of Champions School’s longevity in the marketplace, Knobloch notes that the school attracts many of the top Texas real estate professionals to learn from experienced teachers with years—and even decades—of industry experience. 

“We give our students the tools they need to succeed in their chosen careers,” Carter says. “We are with them every step of the way and are there to help them out even once they become licensed. We know that if we provide them the best education possible and the tools for them to succeed, we will have a customer for life.”

Before graduation, Champions School ensures its students are well-prepared for the industry. “Graduates are starting to put more emphasis on learning and the continuing education courses that are required in their first two years of being licensed,” Carter says. “We emphasize ‘the more you learn, the more you earn!’”

Upon seeing great success in the Texas real estate market and in online education, Champions School of Real Estate has begun expanding their offerings into new areas. “We have recently entered other states offering continuing education courses,” Knobloch says. “We have just entered into Oklahoma and Florida and are expanding into California in the first quarter of 2016.”

Champions School of Real Estate has been living by the motto, “You can do it! We can help!” since its creation. “We have been providing nationally recognized education taught by nationally recognized instructors for over more than 30 years,” says Knobloch. “We pride ourselves in our education and our customer service. We look at ourselves as partners with our students. If our students succeed then we succeed.”   RL