By Katie Agness

Since it was established in 1999, Supreme Lending has been one of the industry’s top mortgage brokerage firms. Supreme Lending continues to grow by adding branches, loan officers and support staff across the United States.

Today, Supreme Lending’s McClellan Region includes four offices in the Austin area, one in San Antonio and one in Houston. “We currently employ over 35 loan officers in the region,” says John McClellan, regional manager. “The branch was started in 2007, and we have seen sustained growth over the past six years or so.”  

McClellan, who is responsible for managing the branch and region, says one of Supreme Lending’s top priorities is ensuring its clients and employees are happy. “We are focused on creating a great working environment and great customer experience,” he says. “This helps us ensure we close loans on time, every time.”

Whether a first-time homebuyer or repeat client, Supreme Lending McClellan Branch offers residential loans and programs to meet their client’s needs. “Our goal is to offer all clients the same professional service, rates and programs,” McClellan says. “We are real people who are available to communicate with clients throughout the process. Our support team, underwriters and closers work together to ensure we maximize the experience for our clients.”  

Because purchasing a home for the first time can seem like a daunting process, Supreme Lending guides new homebuyers through the process of buying and financing their first home. “The process may seem a little intimidating, so we do everything we can to create a low barrier of entry and educate them and guide them through the process,” McClellan says. 

For homebuyers needing some help with their down payment, McClellan notes that there are several options available. “There are down payment assistance programs to help a buyer that may not have enough funds for down payment,” he says. “Additionally, we offer FHA and VA loans with little down payment as well.” 

Another way Supreme Lending helps is by ensuring the industry is up-to-speed with the evolving loan and mortgage industry. “I have a passion for sharing and educating our community about real estate,” McClellan says. “Several times a year, we bring market update classes to our industry partners and share new guidelines and programs with local real estate agents.”

When it comes to choosing a mortgage lender, Supreme Lending is known for being local, accountable and knowledgeable. “It is important to work with a reputable lender that is available and knowledgeable in this competitive market,” McClellan says. “You or your REALTOR can reach my loan officers anytime and ask them anything you may want to know. Our loan operations are local with a dedicated processing, underwriting and funding team.”

To ensure it is meeting and exceeding the expectations of its clients, Supreme Lending pays attention to feedback directly from the source. “We measure our success in three ways: customer satisfaction, REALTOR satisfaction and the amount of time it takes to get a loan closed. We found that 96.4 percent of customers surveyed were very satisfied, and REALTOR satisfaction surveys measured a 94.6 percent satisfaction rating,” McClellan says. “We also track the amount of time it takes to get a loan closed, from the day our clients make a loan application until the loan is clear to close (#CLR2CLS). Our measurement is 21.28 days, which outpaces most in the industry.”

By striving to provide a high-quality working environment for employees and a great experience for customers, Supreme Lending is able to ensure a successful mortgage and home buying process. “Customers can expect to be treated like family by a dedicated team of professionals who love helping put families into homes,” says McClellan.  RL