By Katie Brown

Providing title and escrow services, Select Title provides expertise in the areas of residential resale transactions, refinances, constructions loans and commercial transactions. Formerly known as Century Oaks Title, the business rebranded in January 2017 to better encompass the growth they had experienced during the company’s seven-year history.

After its founding in 2010 in Lake Jackson, Texas, Century Oaks Title expanded to 10 office locations that served the Austin, Dallas and Houston markets. Now operating as Select Title, the company has committed to opening four new offices and will add its own Title Plant, allowing them to quickly and efficiently address closing needs and customer service requests.

“As we expanded and opened new offices, we brought on a lot of really talented people, and our ownership decided to rebrand us for the new name to reflect a company poised and ready to serve more customers and locations and to foster deeper relationships,” says Aisha Dull, CESP, branch manager and senior escrow officer for Select Title.

To serve the Austin area, Select Title has an office in the Round Rock area, but is open to additional locations as new opportunities arise. “We are interested in expanding our footprint wherever we can find good, hard working and customer service oriented title professionals.”

Serving real estate agents, institutional mortgage clients, builders, commercial agents, non-profits and governmental organizations, Select Title has an array of expertise to meet the various needs of its clients. 

“We have a wealth of experience in many different types of transactions and the skill set to help guide them through the exciting and important financial transaction that is represented by buying, selling, building or refinancing their house,” says Dull, who is responsible for ensuring that customers are satisfied, employees are happy and professionally motivated.  

In addition to its rebranding, one major change Select Title is experiencing is related to the Federal government and its involvement with lending, real estate disclosures and title transactions. “The legislature is in session this year, and various parties have proposed legislation that could affect how the title industry services their clients,” Dull says. “It’s an exciting time in our industry, and Select Title will be prepared to serve effectively as changes are implemented.”

For Dull, a native Austinite, watching the change and growth of the real estate market has been an exciting experience. “Over the past 20 years, I have been able to not only watch the growth, but have been able to help others to make the American Dream come true,” she says. “I am thankful to get to be part of this experience every day.”

Dull says that this same mindset and dedication to exemplary customer service runs throughout the company. “At Select Title, we will do everything in our power to meet the needs of our clients in a professional, caring and compassionate way,” Dull says. “This is the most important and biggest financial transaction the average person will ever be involved with in their lives. The team at Select Titles appreciates that and wants to help make that a wonderful and rewarding experience.”  RL