By Katie Agness

As one of the largest quality home producers in the Austin and San Antonio areas, Scott Felder Homes has been providing clients with an unparalleled home building experience for more than 35 years. By offering the latest design trends and features, Scott Felder Homes strives to meet the unique needs of each home buyer.

“We build in the most desirable locations in over 18 communities in the Austin area alone,” says John Jones, vice president of operations for Scott Felder Homes. “We look to continue to expand our reach through self-development or acquisition of finished lots as new master planned communities become available with amenities that are unmatched.”

When it comes to helping their clients build the home of their dreams, Scott Felder Homes offers an array of options, all while maintaining green floor plans and energy efficient designs. Home types include one- and two-story options in a variety of different elevations and styles, including Traditional, Craftsmen, Cottage, Farmhouse, and Tuscan. “We can accommodate any buyers’ need, from a move-in-ready home or a ground-up build that captures all the wants and desires they could wish for in their home,” Jones says.

Additionally, Scott Felder Homes has allowed clients to make custom changes to their plans. “We are probably the closest to a custom builder that you will find in residential construction,” Jones says. “We have allowed everything from custom second-floor master suites to redrawing bedroom and bathroom counts. Although we continue to create options as buyers needs and markets change, some of our design options were created by our customers, and we make those options available for future buyers who may have similar interests.”

Because of the vast number of options and customization opportunities, some clients may find the home building process to be overwhelming. At Scott Felder Homes, we have a professional sales staff to help guide clients through the contract process and really see what works best for the buyer at hand,” Jones says. “Also, we have an award-winning design studio where buyers get to visit with professional designers to tailor the perfect selections and finishes for their individual taste. This is truly one of the areas where we excel.”

Through a customer-centric approach focused on customer service and customer appreciation, Scott Felder Homes is involved in every stage of the process, from setting expectations during the contract to onsite meetings during construction to a final walkthrough. “Without our valued customers, we would not exist and we recognize this,” Jones says. “We have many steps in the process that ensure a buyer understands what is going on and sets expectations for both sides including buyer and seller. It is our policy that we want to close homes that have zero outstanding items and are 100 percent ready for a buyer.”

Ultimately, it’s Scott Felder Homes’ commitment to quality that has enabled more than three decades of success. “We have a true partnership with our trade partners who provide high-quality construction. We have grown together and understand what makes us special and that directly gives a buyer more value in a home,” Jones says. “We stand behind what we do and that is the reason we have so many repeat home owners who build with us again.”  RL


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